She loved you, but she was a daisy & she knew one day, you'd replace her with a rose...
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I have an ex who’s been one of my best friends since I was 16.
He’s been there for everything from the shitty times my life was being threatened to the best times when I graduated high school & college, got my first job & when I brought Chinchi home.
He’s supported all my decisions, gave me tough love when I needed to get my ass back on track & has been a shoulder to cry on when it was all overwhelming.

The emotional connection has been one of the strongest I’ve ever had with anyone & I’m forever grateful for his unwavering love, loyalty, & friendship.

Sometimes, relationships just don’t work & being friends is the best option when you both wanna stay a part of each others lives.

And I am very appreciative of having him still be one of my biggest cheerleaders in life :)

I didn’t like the way my life was, so I changed it.
I found a new love, working out.
I found a better job, working with animals & giving them love & finding them families.
I realized my self worth and got rid of those who were holding me back instead of helping to push me forward.

I’m realizing things won’t ever get better or change unless I do something about it.

I’m proud of me for making positive changes & having a better attitude about life.

Excited to see where I go from here :)

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She said, ‘I’m so afraid.’ And I said, ‘why?,’ and she said, ‘Because I’m so profoundly happy. Happiness like this is frightening.’ I asked her why and she said, ‘They only let you be this happy if they’re preparing to take something from you.’ By Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner  (via xhromosomes)